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Listen Rinse Repeat

Sep 14, 2020

This is a short poem to say: Share a review on PodRevDay!

This episode is not explicit.

Written by Elizabeth Wilcox. Performed by Elizabeth Wilcox and James Schwarz, of The Dimension Door Podcast.


Poem for PodRevDay

I heard a podcast yesterday
That made me feel more than okay
If only there were some way
I could make them smile today.

I know just what you can do,
And it’s super easy, too!
What could it be? Well, here’s a clue:
It starts with writing a review

Of course! That’s it! I’ll do it now.
No, you don’t have to tell me how.
I’ll pop onto a podcast site
And say, “This podcast does things right!”

That’s a great start, and more than some,
But still I’d say you’ve just begun.
How can that be? What could I do,
Except to write a nice review?

Each time you see it and press play
This podcast brightens up your day,
So why not go the extra mile
To really make them feel worthwhile?

It’s free, you see, to spread the word
To really get that podcast heard.
Share your review--And, well, hey,
What better time than PodRevDay?

[Podcast Review Day is the eighth of every month. To participate, simply share your podcast reviews online that day with hashtag PodRevDay.]