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Listen Rinse Repeat

Sep 14, 2020

A songbird gives his review of the podcast Songbirding

This episode is not explicit.

Written and Performed by Elizabeth Wilcox and James Schwarz, both of The Dimension Door Podcast


Listen Rinse Repeat – REVIEW challenge
Songbird Reviews Songbirding
Soft crunching sounds as someone walks through forest undergrowth, with the sound of birds
singing in the background. The steps slow as INTERVIEWER softly speaks
INTERVIEWER: Alright, I’m here today looking for a songbird. That bird looks like it’s
singing, so it’s probably a songbird, right? Okay, here goes…I’m now going to cast ‘speak with
animals’ to communicate with this bird.
Sounds of spellcasting.
INTERVIEWER: Alright, then. Hello, bird. We’re here, in a forest where Rob Porter has
recorded birdsong for his podcast, Songbirding. I have one question for you: What is your review
of Songbirding?

This episode written by Elizabeth Wilcox, and performed by James Schwarz, both of The Dimension Door Podcast.