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Listen Rinse Repeat

Mar 25, 2020

A great, 60-second question: Where do lakes come from? Lather up and give this explanation a listen!

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When the Big Mice arrived, they landed in the mitten-shaped state of Michigan. This was long before mittens were a thing.

The Big Mice liked Michigan, but it surrounded by nothing but empty canyons. So they set out to find water. Which they did. Find water, I mean. Each Big Mouse filled its cheeks up real big, ran back to Michigan, and spit into the empty canyons. They put on floppy hats and learned how to do underwater somersaults. It was nice.

But the Big Mice had other worlds to explore, and eventually piled back into their translucent traveling sphere and rolled away, leaving behind nothing but good vibes. This was long after good vibes were a thing.

Story written by Allison Schleisman
Voice by Thomas Anthony Jones

Artwork by Tyler Snodgrass: on Instagram @tyler_snod and on Twitter @tylersnod

Thomas Anthony Jones