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Listen Rinse Repeat

Jul 27, 2020

A poor relationship with your parents can make a world of difference

This episode is not explicit.

Written, Performed & Edited by Harlan Guthrie

Harlan Guthrie is a creative, nerdy dynamo. Give him a meal, he wants to know how it was made. What temperature was the oven, he’ll say. Was that tossed with olive oil? Sit in the car with him and listen to him sing harmonies with the radio. Give him an hour alone and he’ll come find you because he wrote a spooky story. He’ll read it in a creepy voice. Wait too long in the line at the grocery store and he’ll turn to you with a riddle, or beg to be told one.


You have 1 new message

Hey dad, it’s Erik. Sigh. I wanted to call and tell you some big news… I should be honest and say that I kept delaying it… I didn’t know how you’d react. Obviously, I regret that now but… I guess I just wanted to say that I love you and I… I’m sorry about being so distant these past few years, I wish things were different – it’s easy to blame you but… it’s my fault as well and… well… Taylor’s pregnant.

Anyway, that’s what I would’ve told you had I not been so damned bullheaded.

And now… it’s been an entire week since you died… and I have to come to terms with the fact that you are never coming back.