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Listen Rinse Repeat

Mar 31, 2020

CREDITS: Eddie Louise is writerco-producer, and the voice of Sage in THE TALES OF SAGE AND SAVANT. Find them on Twitter @SageAndSavant or at 

 Eddie Louise


Written & Performed by Eddie Louise 

Her rage was an incandescent heat, sparking from the ends of her hair and fingertips. Overhead, storm clouds filled the sky, their purple bellies bruised and swollen. Katya leaned into the wind, relishing the lash of icy air, the whip-sting of sleet punishing away her tears. Gone was the softness that beckoned in the marriage bed, the silken skin that called to a lover. In its place, a mask of white porcelain, seamless and without expression. She lifted arms that held nothing of the supplicant and began to chant. 

Sage and Savant