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Listen Rinse Repeat

Jun 22, 2020

Chickens lay strange eggs.

This episode is not explicit.

Story by PRRP, Music by Mx Michael


Chickens lay edible eggs.

Okay get this. Chickens are basically tiny modern dinosaurs, that another species subsists off of for almost every single meal. They’ll use chicken eggs for Cakes, for Quiche, or even just eat them plain! They’ll cook them through, or eat them raw if they’re boxing, they show no restraint. In fact, this other species, who says not to inject too personal of details into a facts-based podcast, even have basically ENSLAVED the chicken, due to its perceived evolutionary treat. How’s that for facts, huh? Is THAT too personal? You want more egg facts now? Hey, maybe Chickens don’t lay strange eggs, maybe YOU are just over reliant on your GLUTTONY and DOMINANCE to ever consider an alternative. There, now you have a complete whole dozen eggs to choose from, you can just scarf ‘em down. Eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs!!!

Humans eat strange eggs.

Music by Mx Michael