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Listen Rinse Repeat

Apr 29, 2020

Margaret Hall finds something strange in the woods around Broken.

This episode is not explicit.

Voiced and written by Kari Aguila of “Broken, Alaska”.


Margaret Hall. Part 5

Margaret Hall was bruised and battered when she walked back into Broken, Alaska the next day. She scoffed at the help her neighbors offered, and was back on the river the following week, guiding a bunch of tourists from Illinois down the frothy Jackhole River.

If you see Margaret down in the Twisted Dinghy one night, ask her about it. She enjoys telling the story of the night she met the giant creature of the forest. Offer to buy her a beer or three and she'll even act out the way the creature howled and snarled as he tried to shake her from that tree. You can almost imagine being out there with her.

But, as the evening draws to a close, you'll notice Margaret get a little quieter, and a little pensive. She'll get a far-away look in her eyes and you'll know she's thinking about him; respecting his strength, his survival. Margaret Hall fell a little bit in love that night.

This episode of Listen, Rinse, Repeat was voiced by Kari Aguila of “Broken, Alaska” and written by Kari Aguila.