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Listen Rinse Repeat

Apr 29, 2020

Margaret Hall finds something strange in the woods around Broken.

This episode is not explicit.

Voiced and written by Kari Aguila of “Broken, Alaska”.


Margaret Hall. Part 4

Finally, the creature stopped rocking the massive Sitka Spruce. Margaret heard him panting as he backed away from the tree. She looked down at him and he looked up at her and for the briefest moment, their eyes met.

Now, Margaret can't say for sure what that mysterious creature was thinking in that moment, but the way she tells it, she saw something akin to respect in his eyes. He stared at her, heaved a sigh, and maybe, just maybe, nodded a bit before turning and running back the way he had come. The wind kicked up, and the clouds quickly pulled closed the curtain on moonlight, plunging the forest into darkness again.

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This episode of Listen, Rinse, Repeat was voiced by Kari Aguila of “Broken, Alaska” and written by Kari Aguila.