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Listen Rinse Repeat

Mar 31, 2020

John P. Dowgin is a published playwright and screenwriter currently residing in New Jersey. His screenplay 'Mile 42' was a finalist at the '17 Austin Film Festival. John also co-created the comedy podcast 'Mission: Rejected' (@MissionRejected on Twitter) with his partners at The Porch Room, an independent production company whose works have been performed on three continents. A number of their plays have been published by Samuel French as part of the compilation 'Accidents Happen'. 

John Dowgin

ANNOUNCER: PBS proudly presents, Ken Burns ‘Quarantine’ 

Dearest Eulabelle 
The reckoning has come. The damn'd Stop n Shop rebels have fortified positions near the Charmin, but in their fatigue, have failed to defended the 'As Seen on TV' endcap. Shamwows will be their undoing. We ride at dawn. 
Yours, Ambrose 

ANNOUNCER: Produced by John and Faith Dowgin of the Mission: Rejected podcast. 

Mission: Rejected podcast