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Listen Rinse Repeat

Jul 27, 2020

Sometimes something just gets into your head and you can't quite get it out.

This episode is not explicit.

Written and performed by Elizabeth Wilcox.

Elizabeth is a writer, avid role-player, amateur mixologist, member of and social media manager for The Dimension Door Podcast. You can also find her on Instagram (@wilcoxwriter) and at her website,


It began when I awoke to the unpleasant sensation of a prickling within my right ear. It felt as though something was scritch-scratching away upon my eardrum like a pen upon paper. I tried to clear it, but the sensation would not cease. The longer it continued, the more I was certain that some living thing was burrowing into me, scritch-scratching away at my flesh and my sanity.
The doctor who checked said my inner ear is inflamed, but clear. No foreign object, no thing, is there.
I should be reassured. The prickling has subsided to no more than an occasional flicker of a whisper. I twitch now and then.
The dreams, though. What do I do about the dreams? The damp earth between my sheets? The soil between my teeth?
Sorry, what was I saying? Oh, I remember now. Yes. I was just asking: Would you like to see my garden?