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Listen Rinse Repeat

May 29, 2020

Michael can be mean. But just how mean is he?

This episode is not explicit.

Performed by Lee Shackleford of Relativity Podcast and written by Shannon Perry of Oz 9.

Shannon Perry is the creator and writer of the scifi comedy podcast Oz 9.

Lee Shackleford is the creator and writer of Relativity Podcast.


Dear Margaret. I hope you enjoyed the quiet while you watched your movie. As you prepare for bed, I just wanted to let you know that the back door was slightly ajar when I went to get some water. I thought I saw a shadow slipping around the back yard toward the bedroom. Don’t worry. I’m sure it was just a very large raccoon. Sleep well. Michael.

Music: Your Wicked Ways by Richard J. Freitas and Geraldine Brioso, Audioblocks