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Listen Rinse Repeat

Mar 31, 2020


Pete Barry is a co-creator of the audio comedy Mission: Rejected. He is an award-winning screenwriter, playwright, actor, director and musician. He was named a 2013 Young and Hungry List writer, and Sony Pictures is currently developing his screenplay Marian. 

His short plays have been published in numerous collections, and his production of Accidents Happen won the 2009 NJACT Perry Award for Outstanding Production of an Original Play. His short play Drop was a winner in the 34th Annual Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival.  

He is a cofounder of the Porch Room, a film and theater production company, with whom he has produced numerous shows in the Philadelphia and New York International Fringe Festivals. 

Pete Barry

Part 1
The Sage: Kobold theatre presents...The river stole the gods.
Kobold Priest: The river stole the gods.
Kobold Acolyte: You mean, the little statues?
Kobold Priest: THE GODS!
Kobold Acolyte: You mean, you dropped them in the river?
Kobold Priest: We will say...they run away.
Kobold Acolyte: Nobody believe that.
Kobold Priest: We will say...they swim away.
Kobold Acolyte: They made of wood.
Kobold Priest: Right, so that means they swim.
Kobold Acolyte: You mean float?
Kobold Priest: Swim.
Kobold Acolyte: Float.
Kobold Priest: Swim.
Kobold Acolyte: Float.
Kobold Priest: Same difference.
Kobold Acolyte: Maybe WE ought to swim away.
Kobold Priest: I not able to swim.
Kobold Acolyte: Me neither.
Kobold Acolyte: We in in big trouble.
Created by: Pete Barry
River by: cagancelik

Mission: Rejected podcast