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Listen Rinse Repeat

Aug 10, 2020

What do you do when you're a nerfing salamander?

This episode is made for kids.

Performed by Kevin Hall as the narrator, Bonnie Brantley as Sally, and Aaron Clark as Hedge.

This episode is written by David S. Dear.


There once was a salamander named Sally, quite obviously. Not
so obviously, an evil wizard cast a spell on him which caused
him to slowly nerf over time.

One day Sally went to work out at Hedge the Hedgehog's gym to
stop the nerfing, but he didn't have a membership. So he
asked to speak to Hedge. Hedge owns the gym. Quite obviously.

Hey Hedge,

Sally said,

How can I get a membership at this gym?

Can you bench press over 50 pounds?

Can I?

And Sally proceeded to bench press two hundred fifty pounds!
Without even a spotter!

So Hedge gave Sally a membership and they worked out together happily ever after.


"Things To Do" by Sander Kalmeijer, Storyblocks