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Listen Rinse Repeat

Apr 29, 2020

Margaret Hall finds something strange in the woods around Broken.

This episode is not explicit.

Voiced and written by Kari Aguila of “Broken, Alaska”.


Margaret Hall. Part 3

Margaret Hall tried to stand as the creature barreled toward her tree stand, but was held back by the straps that tied her to the tree. She braced herself and clutched her gun to her chest as the animal collided with the giant spruce. He let out a terrible howl as his long arms wrapped half way around the tree trunk, and he leaned his weight back and forth as he began to push and pull the tree.

Margaret hollered into the night as she felt the tree begin to sway, her body rocking back and forth with each tug of the creature below. As his pace quickened, her tree swayed like it was in a hurricane, and Margaret saw the sky and the ground alternately flashing before her eyes in rapid pulses. Her homemade granola, her backpack, her camouflage face makeup, her ammo, her water bottle all flew into the air, but Margaret remained in her tree stand, strapped tight to the trunk of the mighty tree as it rocked.

Will Margaret survive the terror in her tree? Listen to Part 4 of Margaret Hall!

This episode of Listen, Rinse, Repeat was voiced by Kari Aguila of “Broken, Alaska” and written by Kari Aguila.