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Listen Rinse Repeat

Aug 10, 2020

They did not escape before sundown and now must build shelter.

This episode is not explicit.

Written by David S. Dear; performed by Raj Jawa and Stephanie Bergeron


I told you we needed to escape the Ikea before sundown! This place is really dangerous at night!
I know! I thought the exit was just after the fake plants!
Well we'll have to stay put until sunrise. We'll need to build shelter.
I don't think I can do it, Gus.
Just follow the pictures, dammit! Avoid the steps with the X through them!
I'm trying, can't you see that I'm trying? I need words!

SFX Credits:

Large Warehouse/Factory Ambience

Black Throated Diver Calling

Box Falling Down Stairs

Drop Several Silverware Utensils on Hard Surface

Hammering on Metal Pipe

Volvo Car Horn Honks Short and Long

City Park Ambience WIth Distant Traffic

Music Credits:

Paradise by Music For Makers (Paid Commercial License)

Among the Clouds by Music For Makers (Paid Commercial License)

Vacation Days by Music For Makers (Paid Commercial License)

Lullaby Sting by Twin Musicom