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Listen Rinse Repeat

Jun 22, 2020

David calls Elvira from another timeline. Elvira needs to talk David into helping her. David needs to convince Elvira to trust him. It’s basically a whole… wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey thing.

This story in eight parts can be listened to in any order. To follow Elvira’s timeline, go E1-E8, and to follow David’s, D1-D8.

This episode is not explicit.

ELVIRA – Kirsty Woolven
DAVID – Lee Shackleford


Written and produced by Karin Heimdahl.

To hear more from us, check out fiction podcasts Y2K, Relativity and upcoming show Arrivals.

Karin is the creator of audio drama Y2K. In 2019, she won an Audioverse award for writing a spoken word monologue. She is also a voice actor, podcaster and drama teacher turned project manager. Voice acting credits include Mirrors, Vampires of White Chapel, Copperheart and Hit the Bricks. She produces and co-hosts Det nya svarta, a pop culture podcast in Swedish. Karin lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Y2K website


E4 D8

(dial tone, click)
E: (urgent) Hello?
D: Hi, it’s-
E: David!
D: (smiles) Elvira.
E: It’s been coming back, in bits and pieces. It’s been so hard pretending I don’t remember. I’ve been thinking so much since yesterday that I-
D: Listen. We have a plan to get you out. You’ll have a new guard. Password is ”river”.
E: River. All right. Will I- will I meet *you*?
D: (sad smile) No. Timey-wimey, remember? But you’ll see Sophie.
E: (longing) Sophie.
D: I hope you will be happy. Bye Elvira.

This Listen, Rinse, Repeat story was written and produced by Karin Heimdahl - that’s me. Kirsty Woolven voiced Elvira, and Lee Shackleford voiced David. To hear more from us, check out Y2K, Relativity and upcoming show Arrivals.

Sound effects either created by Karin, or from under the Creative Commons 0 license. Credits music ""Somber Viola"" by BigManJoe, also from Freesound.