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Listen Rinse Repeat

Mar 31, 2020

Show notes - Future You

”Hello past me, future you again.” In March and April of 2020, someone is receiving voicemails from… themselves in the future?

This story in eight parts was written and produced by Karin Heimdahl.

FUTURE YOU – Karin Heimdahl COMPUTER – Charlotte Norup

Karin Heimdahl

Charlotte Norup

To hear more from us, check out audio dramas Y2K and Calling Darkness. Sound effects either created by Karin, or from under the Creative Commons 0 license. Credits music also from Freesound.

Future You - part 2 of 8

COMPUTER Voice message, received March 21, 2020. (beep)

FUTURE YOU (rushed) Hi, it’s me again. Future you again. Right. So I know you’re - I’m - in a really weird place right now, everything shut down, and… Yeah. But at least you have time. You need to contact someone – their user name on twitter is something like agavepeach67 or possibly 76. You both know- (gasp, scared) Have to run!

COMPUTER (beep) Message ends. (beat) Message deleted. (beep)

CREDITS This Listen, Rinse, Repeat story was written and produced by Karin Heimdahl, who also voiced future you. The computer voice was Charlotte Norup. To hear more from us, check out Y2K and Calling Darkness.

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