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Listen Rinse Repeat

May 29, 2020

Something kept Margaret awake last night, and it wasn't a ukelele. (and that's not a metaphor)

This episode is not explicit.

Written and performed by Shannon Perry of Oz 9.

Shannon Perry is the creator and writer of the scifi comedy podcast Oz 9. Lee Shackleford is the creator and writer of the scifi audio drama Relativity.


Dear Michael. I imagine you thought it was hilarious to come scratch around my window in the dead of night and pretend to try to get in. Your commitment to scaring me is admirable, given the storm, but joke’s on you, I’m afraid. You got drenched. I got a slightly interrupted but otherwise satisfactory night’s sleep. Margaret.

Music: Your Wicked Ways by Richard J. Freitas and Geraldine Brioso, Audioblocks